Looking after your mental health and well being

Just as it is important to keep our body healthy, there are things we can do to keep our minds healthy . 

Everyone will have a time in their life when they feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or find it difficult to cope. 

If you feel like this then you should talk to your friends or family and ask for their support.  

There are also things you can do to improve your mental health.  

Not drinking too much alcohol, eating a healthy diet and being active can all make you feel better about yourself. However, this can be difficult if you are feeling sad.  

Mind You is a mental health and emotional wellbeing website for all young people, their families and the professionals that support them in South Gloucestershire. 

The website has information about mental health and emotional wellbeing, it can help you understand your own mental wellbeing and when you should consider looking for help.  

There are also tips on how to look after yourself including recognising your worries. 

Further support is available from Off The Record, Kooth or Talking Therapies where you can self-refer yourself.  

You can talk to your doctor to get advice from the surgery and can refer to other services if necessary.  


Health pathways for young people with special educational needs and or disability

The council have developed a guide to understanding health pathways and health information if you are between 14- 25 who has special educational needs and or a disability. You or your family can download and print the health booklet. This booklet will be a useful guide to use when you and those who support you have to plan for preparing for adulthood.