Clubs and groups

There are many opportunities for your child to join a club or group in South Gloucestershire.  

Many cater for activities such as dancing, drama, arts and crafts and activities for children with disabilities.  For more information on how to find a club your child will enjoy, see below.

See our Youth centres webpage for details of clubs and groups in South Gloucestershire and how your child can get involved.

Your local library will be able to signpost you to local clubs for children and young people.

Your parish newsletter may also contain information on local clubs and groups.

For clubs and groups for children with special educational needs and/or a disability see our pages for the Local offer and the link to our directory of services.

We are currently developing our directory so that you will be able to search for things to do.  If you know of any organisations who run sessions or activities or places to go please ask them to create an account and sign up their organisation.