Our promises to children and young people in care

The corporate parenting promise and local offer for care leavers are our commitments to the children and young people we care for. These promises are made on behalf of South Gloucestershire Council and our partner agencies, with help from the Teen Care Council.  

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Our Promises to children and young people in care 

Our promises have been made by South Gloucestershire Council and our partners to looked-after children and care leavers. This is part of our commitment to ensuring that the children and young people in our care are valued in every aspect of their lives.  

These promises were developed alongside children and young people in our care. They are called promises, rather than pledges, because this had greater meaning for the young people. It is important to them that we keep these promises and that they receive what they need and expect from our service.  

Children and young people chose five main themes for the promises: 

  • Important people: making sure we help you stay in contact with the people in your life you feel closest to 
  • Being involved and listening: making sure workers listen to you and involve you in decisions about your life and future 
  • Having somewhere to live: making sure you have somewhere safe to live 
  • Helping me know about what I need: helping you to develop your skills and resilience 
  • Help to create a good future for me: Supporting your dreams and aspirations 

 The Corporate Parenting Board (CPB) is responsible for ensuring that we keep these promises, but also that we continue to engage young people and that the voice of the child and young person in care influences council policy. Find out more about our Corporate Parenting Board

Listening to children and young people 

There are lots of different ways in which children and young people can have a say about the service they receive and how well we keep our promises to them.  

If you are a cared-for child or care leaver, you may have also suggestions about what we could do differently, which could have a positive impact for other children and young people in our care.   

We will continue to have conversations with children, young people, and staff to set out the actions we will take to make sure we are keeping our promises to our young people in care. 

These actions are put into a plan which is supervised by the Corporate Parenting Board (CPB). The CPB has links to the Teen Care Council and Experienced Panel in Care and through that link we will continue to listen to what young people in care and leaving care think.   

Are we keeping our promises to you? 

If you are a young person in care or a care leaver, we want you to tell us how we’re doing at keeping our promises to you. Please tell us if: 

  • we’ve not kept any of our promises to you 
  • you’re unhappy with the support we’ve given you 
  • someone has worked hard to support you and you think they deserve to be recognised   

Further information 

For further information about how children and young people can be involved in the Teen Care Council and the Experienced Panel in Care contact: 

Emma Collings, Interim strategic safeguarding service manager